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Acme United is a distributor of cutting, measuring, and safety products. Their first aid kits are designed so that they can help up to 75 different people and come with a first aid guide to help you through multiple scenarios. These are ideal for an array of applications and locations including: hotels, hospitals, schools, construction, and more. Explore our selection of Acme United safety products for your application at HomElectrical.

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Bayer Extra-Strength Aspirin, Individual Packs
These asprin tablets are meant to be used for temporary arthritis relief and come in packs of 2 pills. Great...
$28.44Pack of 50
First Aid Kit for 10 People , 113 Pieces
Equip your home, office and automobile with this 113 piece kit that includes alcohol pads, antibiotic ointment, bandages, first aid...
Aleve Pain Reliever 50 Wrapped Caplets
Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains due to minor pain of arthritis, muscular aches, backache, menstrual cramps, headache, toothache and...
$46.89Pack of 50
Physcicians Care Acetaminophen, 50 Wrapped Doses
Temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with headache, toothache, minor arthritis pain, muscular aches, common cold and menstrual...
$22.49Pack of 50
PhysiciansCare Single Use Burn Cream Packets 10-Pack
Single use packets of burn relief cream for pain. Contains benzalkonium chloride and lidocaine as active ingredients. Packaged for individual...
PhysiciansCare ANSI/OSHA Compliant Standard First Aid Kit Refill
PhysiciansCare professional refill for most any first aid kit. Includes 48 replacement pieces for your first aid kit. Contents absorbent...
PhysiciansCare Complete First Aid Kit Refill Kit, 271 Pieces
PhysiciansCare complete first aid kit refill. 271 piece refill containing most anything you could need for workplace injuries. Contents: 20...
First Aid Kit, 15 People, 119 Piece Kit
The most frequently used bandages and antiseptics are included in this kit, which is ideal for a medium-sized office. In...
Advil Ibuprofren Tablets
2/Pck Advil Ibuprofren Tablets come in small packs of two for convenient portion sizes. Effective for muscle aches, headaches, menstrual...
$18.54Pack of 50
PhysiciansCare Extra Strength Excedrin Pain Reliever
Extra strength pain reliever by PhysiciansCare is made primarily with active ingredients of aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine. Each box comes...
$25.73Pack of 100
Bodygear Dust Mask 5-Count
HomElectrical offers a selection of personal protective equipment that suit a variety of applications including janitorial, food sanitation, and more. Shop today to sort by size and type for your work needs.
$9.11Pack of 5
PhysiciansCare 200 mg Ibuprofen Pain Relievers Box 50 Count
Bulk package of PhysiciansCare ibuprofen pain relievers 50 packs per box, 2 pills per pack (100 pills total). Made with...
$24.66Pack of 50
First Aid Kit Refill
Contains 10 most frequently used products (94 pieces): 1-in. x 3-in. adhesive bandages, knuckle bandages, fingertip bandages, sterile gauze, antiseptic...
First Aid Kit, 50 People, 613 Pieces
Heavy duty steel cabinet is appropriate for a professional office yet durable enough for an industrial or manufacturing setting. Wall...
PhysiciansCare Single Use Instant Cold Therapy Pack
Single use fast activating cold packs for application of cold therapy. Individualy packaged and easy to store. Purchase comes with...
ACME United Plastic Case Weatherproof First Aid Kit W/ 57 Pieces
All-purpose general weatherproof first aid kit great for minor injuries made to serve approximately 10 people. Compliant with both OSHA...
General Plastic Case Weatherproof First Aid Kit 76 Pieces
All-purpose general weatherproof first aid kit great for small workplace injuries. Carry handle and holes for wall mounting on box...
Large 75 Person 419 Piece General First Aid Kit
Larger size first aid kit for the larger buisness. Made to server 75 people and containing 419 pieces it may...
Weatherproof First Aid Kit for 50 People, 175 Pieces/Kit
Acme United Weatherproof First Aid Kit for 50 People, 175 Pieces/Kit features: Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements.Most frequently used emergency...
99% Alcohol Isopropyl, 1 Gallon
Acme United's 99% Alcohol Isopropyl is ideal for the treatment of minor cuts and abrasions by helping to prevent risk of infection. It's a perfect addition to your first aid kit. Shop our full selection of Acme United's products at HomElectrical today!
PhysiciansCare First Aid Kit Essentials Only Refill Kit: 129 Piece
Refill kit for your first aid kit featuring only the essentials. Contains an assortment of 129 pieces of alcohol pads,...
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