Founded over forty years ago, Southern California based manufacturer GlobaLux is the leading source of broad range of lighting products. They provide uncompromising value with emphasis on energy efficiency, quality materials and optical performance. Find HomElectrical’s selection of GlobaLux products online today!

GlobaLux LED High Bay

Replace HID and fluorescent high bay lighting with GlobaLux High Bay LED fixtures to illuminate large spaces with tall ceilings.

GlobaLux LED Recessed/Surface Mount Downlights

Choose GlobaLux Recessed/Surface Mount Downlights for LED fixtures ideal as low-profile ceiling lights suitable for general or task lighting.

GlobaLux LED Outdoor Area Lights

Illuminate outdoor spaces with durable LED fixtures using GlobaLux Outdoor Area Lights available in flood lights, shoebox lights, or wall packs.

GlobaLux LED Undercabinet

Shop for quality GlobaLux LED Undercabinet task lights featuring select models with dimmable capabilities and dual color temperature switching options.

GlobaLux LED Strip Lights

Purchase GlobaLux LED Strip Lights available in different sizes and lumen options, compatible with a motion sensor dimmer or a PIR occupancy sensor.

GlobaLux UFO LED High Bay

For powerful lighting capable of illuminating large spaces with high ceilings, choose GlobaLux UFO High Bays for highly efficient commercial or industrial lighting.

GlobaLux LED Decorative Ceiling

Replace incandescent lighting with GlobaLux LED Decorative Ceiling mounted lights available in multiple styles suitable for residential or commercial applications.

GlobaLux LED Vaportight

For a strip light capable of withstanding adverse conditions, purchase a GlobaLux LED Vaportight light fixture featuring a sealed housing to keep out water, dirt, dust, and debris.

GlobaLux LED Wrap

Suited for indoor or outdoor covered use, choose GlobaLux LED Wrap light fixtures for general lighting applications.

GlobaLux LED Wall Fixtures

Light up residential and commercial spaces in style with GlobaLux LED Wall Fixtures featuring frosted glass wall sconces and linear stairwell fixtures.

GlobaLux LED Recessed

Shop for GlobaLux Recessed LED troffer and LED panel lights to improve general lighting by replacing old fluorescent bulbs.

GlobaLux LED Emergency/Exit Signs

Outfit your building with GlobaLux LED Emergency/Exit Signs featuring low-profile design that stands out in times of need, available in red or green lettering and battery back-ups.

GlobaLux T8 LED Tube

Replace fluorescent LED T8 tube light bulbs with GlobaLux T8 LED Tubes featuring dual mode internal drivers to automatically adapt to ballast fixtures or direct A/C power fixtures.

GlobaLux LED Surface Mounted

For GlobaLux light fixtures, use GlobaLux LED Surface Mounted light accessories to mount recessed panels or high bay lighting to ceiling surfaces.

GlobaLux LED Vanity Lights

Light bathrooms or vanities with GlobaLux LED Vanity Lights featuring a modern design and a high color rendering index.

GlobaLux LED Doorframe Retrofit

Easily swap out old fluorescent troffer lights for a GlobaLux LED Doorframe Retrofit for more energy-efficient lighting.

GlobaLux LED Generic Ceiling

Shop for GlobaLux Generic Ceiling light fixtures featuring efficient, quality lighting with simple design compatible with emergency battery backup systems.
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