Electrical Supply

Having proper electrical supplies will save you time and guarantee your project success. Whether you are replacing a GFCI or installing a new dimmer, we have all the electrical products that you need from the brands you trust at contractor prices.
HomElectrical carries wiring supplies including wires, connectors, labels, and more listed at competitive prices to help you complete your electrical projects.
Shop HomElectrical’s selection of electrical outlets and receptacles available in a variety of options suitable for different tasks.
Shop for wall plates to match your switches and outlets with HomElectrical’s selection offered at low prices.

Lighting Control

Control your lighting with ease using lighting control devices, including Smart switches, in-wall timers, fan controls, dimmers, and light switches found at HomElectrical.

Floor Box

Discover floor boxes and accessories, with options including 1- and 2-gang floor boxes, duplex receptacle floor box assembly, round flange receptacle plates, round cover plates, and more.

Extension Cord

Take appliances and equipment further with extension cords from HomElectrical.

Power Outlet Box

A power outlet box protects your wiring and prevents electrical shock. Portable outlet boxes provide temporary power in areas with no permanent power source. Shop HomElectrical to find the power outlet box that you need today!

In Use Cover

Utilize in-use covers to protect electrical outlets from adverse conditions with models featuring guards to provide protection while the receptacle sees use.

Pin and Sleeve Devices

Protect your electrical connections with pin and sleeve devices, including a variety of pin and sleeve connectors, inlets, plugs, and more.

Electrical Switches

Browse HomElectrical’s supply of light switches including toggle, rocker, or combination outlet switches to control lights in residential or commercial applications.


Find the multimeter or voltmeter you need to accurately measure, including four function digital multimeters, circuit breaker locators, voltage testers, GFCI testers, and much more.

Electrical Motor Controls & Disconnects

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of electrical motor controls and disconnects to find a variety of motor controls, motor controllers, and disconnect switches, available in a variety of styles, including motor control toggle switches, manual controls, and mo

Electrical Panel

Find a selection of electrical panels at HomElectrical, including options available for select snow melt systems as well as panels that offer a green, white, black, red, and blue color finish.

Power Center

Provide power for multiple electrical appliances with a power center suitable for use in construction or job sites.

Pop Up Outlet Box

Keep your electrical receptacles, USB outlets, or Ethernet connections hidden using pop up outlet boxes, available in multiple gang and finish options to help you find the one that best suits your space.

Cord Covers & Cable Protectors

Protect your cords using cord covers, available in a variety of sizes, styles, and length options.

Power Strip

Shop for the right power strip from HomElectrical to provide additional electrical outlets for your appliances.

Electrical Box

Keep your electrical wiring connections enclosed with a selection of electrical boxes and other accessories and parts, including GFCI extension rings and box supports.

Electrical Adapter

Shop HomElectrical’s electrical supply collection of electrical adapters available in watertight, two-way, three-way options to suit your needs.

Circuit Breakers & Electrical Fuses

Shop for circuit breakers and circuit breaker supplies to provide protection and control required in household electrical systems.

Door Bell

Stay alert to guests at the door with door chime kits that feature one or two push button options.

Electrical Reference Book

Stay informed on a variety of electrical subjects, including conduit bending, electric motors and controls, using your multitester and more using a selection of electrical reference books.

What are electrical supplies?

Aside from large electrical equipment, it encompasses everything needed to keep an electrician working. Some of the most common items are light switches, wire connectors, and smart lighting controls.

What electrical supplies do I need?

What's in your tool bag is driven by the type of projects you are working on. Almost every operation must have a wide selection of reliable electrical outlets. The type you need depends on whether you are installing them in a commercial building or residential home.

With the increased popularity of smart homes, lighting controls can help you break into energy efficient projects. Smart light switches give customers the ability to control their lights with Alexa. An occupancy sensor prevents rooms in low traffic from being lit while no one is there. No more asking your children to go turn the bathroom or hallway lights off. These devices can help you up-sale on your services.

A multimeter/voltmeter securely helps you test live electrical wire. To ensure everything you touch is safe, use a non-contact voltage tester to detect electrical power in cables, circuit breakers, and wiring devices.

An industrial electrical project, such as assembly plants or factories, requires heavy-duty or industrial grade products. They are designed to handle higher load current and are built for strenuous use.

What should I consider when looking at wiring supplies for my project?

All electrical operations need a variety of wiring supply items. Wire connectors, electrical tapes, and cable zip tie are just a few examples. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit your application and wire gauge. They are used in securing all electrical wires and devices to eliminate the risk of electrical arcing, shock and fire.

Some older homes were run with aluminum wires. If that applies to you, use an AlumiConn lug nut connector to properly pigtail aluminum wire to copper devices. Do not directly splice aluminum to a copper as it will likely become an electrical fire hazard later down the road. Do not use traditional wire connectors or lever nuts as it will yield the same result.

Fun fact: Most electrical cables are clearly marked with the material of the wire. Aluminum cables will have the word AL, ALUM or ALUMINUM printed. In the event it is not marked or you don’t have access to the cables, you can’t always inspect the wires in your electrical panel. Aluminum wires are gray while copper are brown.

If your home was built in the 60s to mid 70s, it is likely that the builder used aluminum instead of copper due to high copper price at the time.

Where can I buy electrical supplies?

Many stores sell electrical supplies. It is important that electrical operations be stocked with trusted and high-quality wiring supplies designed for professional use. Using low graded products can lead to early breakage and potential fire. Commercial grade products, that meet all NEC codes, are designed and constructed for durability. Our electrical supplies online company offers a wide selection of commercial grade products for purchase.

Can a portable generator power my home?

The short answer is yes, if it was properly installed. Unfortunately, rushing to the closest hardware store to buy your generator after a major storm is, of course, not recommended. Not only would you be paying premium prices for the unit if there are any left, but you would likely bypass all the safety procedures using extension cords. Sadly, this practice is quite common and limits what you can power.

If you live in a region that is more prone to be hit by major storms, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, we recommend preparation. You should have a power generator installed into your home or commercial building power system.

One of the major mistakes that we often see is installing the generator directly onto the electrical panel without a transfer switch. This practice damages your appliances and the generator. It will also endanger utility workers near power lines trying to restore electricity.

A transfer switch is designed to switch an electrical load between two sources. In the event power is no longer available from your utility electrical systems, switch the power source from the line to your generator. Voila! Power is back on.

We understand DIY is attractive and could save you money. However, we highly recommended that you consult with your local certified electrician to have this properly planned and installed.

As a precaution, consider adding emergency lighting by your stairs and in the electrical room. In the event all power sources fail, this 10W rechargeable emergency light bulb will provide enough light to safely navigate to where you need to be.

If your budget allows, look into a stationary or standby generator to simplify your life. It has an automatic built-in transfer switch that does the work for you when power is out.

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