Eaton Wiring

Eaton Wiring, once known as Cooper Wiring Devices, have a variety of products, including dimmers, GFCIs, and receptacle outlets, that will help customers solve some of their toughest electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power management problems! Eaton Wiring is dedicated to making sure the customer can get all of their jobs done the easiest way possible. Eaton is moving towards advancement in intelligent digital technologies and embracing the digital world. The company is leveraging technology to improve the customer's experience while also advancing forwards themselves with upgraded machinery. Shop HomElectrical's collection of Eaton Wiring products today!
Eaton Wiring

Eaton Wiring Wall Plates

Shop for Eaton Wiring Wall Plates suiting decorative and functional needs to outfit Eaton switches and receptacles.

Eaton Wiring Receptacle Outlets

Provide power with Eaton Wiring Receptacle Outlets available in a variety of voltages and outlet types suitable for many applications.

Eaton Wiring Dimmers

Add dimming capability to compatible lights with Eaton Wiring Dimmers to save energy and control lighting effects.

Eaton Wiring Power Centers

Use Eaton Wiring Power Centers to regulate temporary power to multiple pieces of equipment in remote locations like construction or work areas.

Eaton Wiring Plugs, Connectors, and Adapters

HomElectrical’s selection of Eaton Wiring Plugs, Connectors, and Adapters suit wiring needs with features including durable construction, innovative design, and additional protection.

Eaton Wiring Washer/Dryer Outlets

Home appliances require higher voltage so use Eaton Wiring Washer and Dryer Outlets to safely provide power with quality receptacles.

Eaton Wiring Cord Grips

Protect cables with wire mesh Eaton Wiring Cord Grips improving longevity of various electrical supplies in industrial applications.

Eaton Wiring GFCI

Protect your electrical outlets with Eaton Wiring GFCI receptacles featuring safety features designed with the end-user in mind.

Eaton Wiring Rocker Switch

Take control of your lights and other electrical needs with Eaton Wiring Rocker Switches available in single pole, 3-way, 4-way, multi-location, and double switches.

Eaton Wiring Toggle Switch

Send electrical power with the flip of a Eaton Wiring Toggle Switch available in different amps and switch styles.

Eaton Wiring Designer Switches

Control lighting solutions in style with Eaton Wiring Designer Switches featuring unique, modern looks.

Eaton Wiring In Use Covers

For superior safety purchase Eaton Wiring In Use Covers designed to protect electrical wiring while in use.

Eaton Wiring Lampholders

Add light to new areas with Eaton Wiring Lamp holders and sockets featuring different bulb base options suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Eaton Wiring Surge Protectors

Shop Eaton Wiring Surge Protectors to protect home electrical systems from damaging electrical current spikes.

Eaton Wiring Electrical Boxes and Disconnects

Choose Eaton Wiring Electrical Boxes and Disconnects for safe control to custom suit any electrical application.

Eaton Wiring Motion Sensors

Save energy using Eaton Wiring Motion Sensors which allow lights to power on without having to flip a switch by hand.

Eaton Wiring Locking Switches

Ensure secure electrical connections with Eaton Wiring Locking Switches designed to enhance the safety with reliable design.

Eaton Wiring Timers

Control the time lights and electrical devices receive power with Eaton Wiring Timers available in different time lengths and color options.

Eaton Wiring Fan Controllers

Control air flow with the flip, slide, or turn using Eaton Wiring Fan Controllers available in a variety of colors and control options.

Eaton Wiring Steplights

Safely illuminate indoor and outdoor steps with Eaton Wiring Steplights available in different sizes and finishes.

Eaton Wiring Wall Jacks

Enable wired phone or ethernet connections using Eaton Wiring Wall Jacks suitable for residential or commercial settings.

Eaton Wiring Controllers

Use Eaton Wiring Controllers as electrical controller devices suitable for any application.

Eaton Wiring Wall Plate Screws

Attach Eaton wall plates to Eaton receptacles using Eaton Wiring Wall Plate Screws available in compatible sizes.

Eaton Wiring Cord Switches

Rewire lamps or extension cords using Eaton Wiring Cord Switches featuring feed-through capability for ease of use.

Eaton Wiring Canopy Switches

Shop for Eaton Wiring Canopy Switches ideal for ceiling light fixtures in vehicle or household electrical applications.

Eaton Wiring Range Outlet/Plug

Use an Eaton Wiring Range Outlets and Plugs for electric ranges which require special receptacles to safely handle voltage requirements.

Eaton Wiring Pull Chain Switch

Ball chains add length for Eaton Wiring Pull Chain Switches, suitable for residential lighting applications.

Eaton Wiring Interlocks

Improve power distribution protection with Eaton Wiring Interlocks featuring mechanical interlocks to prevent circuit overload from both main and generator power.

Eaton Wiring Smart Hubs

Shop for dimmer and switch controls with Eaton Wiring Smart Hubs featuring Z-Wave and automation capability.

Eaton Wiring Work & Trouble Lights

Illuminate the harshest conditions using Eaton Wiring Work and Trouble Lights suitable for temporary lighting in work and construction areas.
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