Eaton Wiring Interlocks

If you need to safely move multiple power sources that require a separate connection, use mechanical interlocks from Eaton Wiring. Mechanical interlocks ensure that you can switch between your main power source and backup generator without having to connect both at once. Shop HomElectrical to find heavy duty, industrial grade interlocks from Eaton Wiring today!

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What are interlocks?

Mechanical interlocks prevent two power sources from connecting to the load at the same time. It stops handle movement from the “Off” position as long as the other circuit breaker remains in the “On” position. It also does not allow users to disconnect the plug from the circuit breaker in the “On” position.

In the event of a power outage, a generator interlock kit shuts off the main breaker. It then turns on the generator and shuts off the generator power before returning to the main breaker. This keeps the people repairing the power lines from getting electrocuted.

What interlock options does Eaton offer?

When choosing an interlock, make sure they match the circuit breakers in amperage, voltage, and control style. Eaton offers interlocks in many amperage options, including 20, 30, 60, and 100 amp. Additionally, Eaton offers 125V, 125-250V, 250V, 277V-480V, 480V, and 600V options. Control options include 2-pole and 3-pole.

Eaton also offers fusible and non-fusible options. Fusible interlocks offer a fuse protection, which provides overcurrent protection while you open and close the circuit. Non-fusible interlocks do not offer this option. Use a non-fusible interlock only if you know you already have upstream protection, which eliminates the need for protection at the switch. Additionally, some interlocks come fused to the electrical panels.

Eaton offers high quality mechanical interlocks that offer safety and longevity. The nylon material makes the interlocks non-conductive, which allows it to safely connect to metallic conduit. Eaton interlocks also have dual mounting capacity, a unique locking mechanism that ensures only a mated plug energizes the switch, and a hidden system that provides full access to internal switch terminations.

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