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Keep yourself cool with fan controllers from Eaton Wiring! Eaton Wiring offers many options for fan wall control so that you can cool down with the flick of a switch. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect ceiling fan controller with options you can't find at your local store!

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What is a fan controller?

If you can use a wall switch for light control, why not fan control? A fan controller allows you to turn your ceiling fans on and off as well as sets the fan speed. Fan controllers replace a standard light switch and allow you to turn your fan on or off without having to reach up to pull the cord. Keep in mind that although the rotary switch looks like a dimmer, you cannot use a dimmer to control the fan settings.

Options for fan controllers include single speed, 3-speed and fully variable. A single speed ceiling fan switch connects to the power supply to turn the fan on or off, while a 3-speed switch allows the user to set the fan to high, low, or medium speeds. It uses a hot wire and a neutral wire to connect the voltage at 3 different points. A fully variable control allows for a more precise speed setting, similar to how a light dimmer allows for a precise light setting. 3-speed controllers tend to use 1.5 Amps, while the fully variable ones use 5 Amps.

What types of fan controllers does Eaton make?

Eaton offers a variety of easy to install single pole, 3-speed, and fully variable fan controllers that include preset and non-preset options. A controller with preset switch turns the fan on and off without changing the speed on the fan, allowing you to keep the perfect setting, but htey tend to cost more than non-preset controllers. Eaton also offers different types of switches, including toggle switches and rotary switches, and Eaton fan controllers come in many color options to match your room décor. With so many options to choose from, Eaton certainly carries the perfect one for you to control your fan from anywhere!
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