Eaton Wiring Range Outlet/Plug

If you want to install an electric stove in your home or building, first you need to install a range outlet. HomElectriical sells range outlets by Eaton Wiring that can accommodate the high voltage of the stove. If you need to install a new electric range, get the proper outlet from Eaton Wiring at HomElectrical!

What is a range outlet?

A range includes any device containing both a cooktop and oven. Electric stoves require a 220-volt outlet or 240 volts instead of the normal 120 volts outlet. A range outlet refers to a special high-voltage outlet that handles the needs of the range. With modification, range outlets also see use with appliances like dryers and water heaters in addition to a stove plug.

What electrical work needs to be done when installing a range outlet?

To install an electrical outlet, first shut off the power. Next, install a switch in the circuit box that controls the new outlet and install a connector into the side of the circuit breaker to connect the electrical cable inside the box. After that, run the cable through the wall to the area where you plan to install the outlet. Once you line everything up, connect the circuit wiring to the new outlet and screw the outlet into the wall. For the last step, run the cable through the connector and wire it into the circuit breaker, then hook up the grounding terminal and connect the neutral wire and the hot wires to their respective screw terminals.

If you don’t have experience working with electrical wires, have a professional do this step.

Plug the power cord into the receptacle and test out your stove! Make sure the burners and oven work.

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