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HomElectrical carries a wide variety of plugs, connectors, and adaptors for all your wiring needs. Our devices offer rugged construction, comprehensive development, and countless interlocking designs and gasket seals for added protection from external elements.

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Do the receptacles come with the cord attached?

No, the cord must be purchased and attached separately. You can browse our selection of cords Here. Be sure to verify the compatibility when wiring a receptacle. Not all wires will work with all plugs and adapters.

Is it easier to change the outlet or the receptacle if my new 4 prong range doesn't fit my old 3 prong outlet?

In this situation, it is far easier and safer to change out the plug to match the 3 prong outlet. Changing and rewiring an outlet is a task best left to an electrical professional.

Can I use a two prong plug in a 3 prong extension cord?

By using a device with a two prong plug with a three-prong extension cord, the device is not connected in any way to the ground wire in the cord. You can use the device in that way, however, you CANNOT place a three-prong device into a 2 prong plug. This will leave the Ground (third prong) exposed and can cause electrocution if touched. It is best practice to match the number of prongs on the device to the correct extension cord.
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