Eaton Wiring In Use Covers

Protect your electronic devices with Eaton Wiring in-use covers. Eaton offers a wide variety of easy to install in-use covers and accessories that ensure safety no matter where you plug in your device. Shop HomElectrical to find the perfect Eaton in-use covers for your device today!

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What is an in-use cover?

An in-use cover, sometimes referred to as a bubble cover, provides protection when an outlet becomes exposed to weather or wet conditions. The National Electric Code (NEC) requires that device covers provide weatherproof protection in new construction and in replacement installations. To classify a cover as in-use, electrical outlets must stay covered even when devices are in use.

What types of in-use covers are there?

In use covers come in metallic and nonmetallic options. A nonmetallic in-use device works with NM-B (nonmetallic sheathed cable). It commonly sees use in residential applications attached by cable connectors, such as switches and lighting fixtures. These types usually feature a plastic material. Eaton in-use covers use a high impact polycarbonate construction that provides maximum durability for all your devices. On the other hand, a metal cover works with grounded EMT (electrical metallic tubing). It typically supplies main electricity. It can also provide electricity for large appliances.

What in-use cover accessories do I need?

In-use covers have many accessories that go with them, including:

  • Protective boot
  • Closure cap for watertight plug
  • Grommet for watertight plugs and connectors
  • Replacement cover for pin and sleeve receptacles and connector devices
  • Conduit hub
  • Inlet locking ring
  • Plug locking ring
  • Single and double gang empty enclosure
  • Backbox
  • Outlet safety cap
  • Metal and non-metallic outlet box
  • Replacement cord clamp
  • Keypad kit
  • Replacement top cover
  • Motor base inlet

Why choose Eaton Wiring in-use covers?

Dedicated to improving lives with power management technologies, Eaton wiring helps you tackle electrical challenges in an efficient and safe manner. Eaton sells extra-duty rated outlet covers that install in horizontal, vertical, or both orientations. Some products come with attached gasket mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. Choosing Eaton ensures that you have a safe weatherproof outlet cover that protects your devices in all conditions.
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