Eaton Wiring Pull Chain Switch

Easily control your lighting or ceiling fan with a pull chain switch from Eaton Wiring! Eaton Wiring makes pull chains in different lengths and materials to accommodate your needs. Shop HomElectrical to find your Eaton Wiring pull switch for your ceiling fan and light today!

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What is a pull chain?

A pull chain, sometimes also called a pull switch, refers to a type of light switch that hangs down from a ceiling fan or light fixture and controls the fan and light. Typically a ball chain or bead chain, pull switches can offer two-position or multi-position options which allow for different speeds. Pull chains also act as a decorative light switch option.

A light pull chain offers an advantage in damp environments since it separates the user from the electricity, preventing electric shock. For this reason, light pulls often install in bathrooms.

What type of pull chain options does Eaton Wiring offer?

Eaton wiring offers 3-foot pull chain set options as well as a 100-foot beaded pull chain spool that allows you to break up and customize the length of the chain. Materials include brass and nickel, so that you can customize with the décor of the room and the color of the light bulb and fan. Whether you need a light or ceiling fan pull chain, Eaton carries what you need. Devoted to helping people and businesses manage power, Eaton offers high-quality, innovative products.

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