Tools & Hardware

HomElectrical's tool and hardware category features a variety of products suitable for every type of application. We carry everything from fans and heaters to hand tools and power tools as well as accessories to assist with home improvement, installation, or tool repair. Browse through our collection of tools and hardware to find everything you need for your workplace.
HomElectrical carries safety supply products including preventative measures and personal protective equipment for hazards that may arise on the job.
Shop HomElectrical to find hand tools to help you accomplish precise tasks when building, maintaining, or repairing projects.
Improve the efficiency or functionality of your power tools with power tool accessories available at affordable prices from HomElectrical.

Irrigation Supply

Control water supply to your lawn and garden with irrigation supply products at affordable prices from HomElectrical.

Tool Storage

Browse HomElectrical’s competitively priced tool storage available in options from a tool shed to a tool bag to keep tools organized.

Heating Cable & Pipe Insulation

Ensure pipes, gutters, or rooves don’t freeze in the winter with heating cable and pipe insulation to prevent home damage due to harsh, cold conditions.

Power Tools

Tackle projects with precision and ease using electric power tools from HomElectrical to get the job done quicker.

Measure Tool & Layout Tool

Find the right dimensions of your project with the right measuring tools and layout tools from HomElectrical.

MRO Product

Shop for maintenance repair operation products including adhesive, sealant, corrosion inhibitor, degreaser, electrical cleaner, lubricant, greaser.

Welding Supply

HomElectrical’s welding supply provides welders with the tools and equipment necessary for metalworking applications.


Securely store valuable possessions with padlocks and lockout boxes from HomElectrical’s selection offered at affordable prices.

Marking Tools

Keep track of where you’re working with marking tools to temporarily indicate important aspects during your work projects.

Inspection Mirror

Look in difficult-to-reach areas with inspection mirrors capable of providing visibility around corners, under objects, or in tight spaces.


Find top quality fire stop products to safeguard your home or business. Browse our range for peace of mind and shop Homelectrical and find the perfect products today!

Utility Pump

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of utility pumps available in a variety of options to transport fluids or gas.

Garden Tools

For agricultural tasks shop HomElectrical’s garden tools to help you take care of your yard or garden.

Soldering Iron & Accessories

Shop HomElectrical for soldering irons and accessories for your projects involving repair, maintenance or new construction.


Take light where you need it with HomElectrical’s collection of flashlights available in a variety of different types to suit your needs.


Power your appliances with batteries, including 9V alkaline and AA batteries for alarms, 9V zinc chloride batteries, and 1.5V ultra pro alkaline D batteries.

Pipe Cleaners

Including bag pipers used to clean electrical conduit, you can find pipe cleaners to keep your spaces clean.

Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music hands-free or on-the-job with ease using Bluetooth speakers.

Tarp Cover

Shop HomElectrical’s tarp cover selection with products available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Paint & Primer

Find the right paint and tools at HomElectrical’s paint and primer selection for your next painting project.

Plumbing Supply

HomElectrical’s plumbing supply offers products for your plumbing needs including fuel filters, fuel strainers, fuel pumps, oil pumps, and drain augers.

Work Gloves

Protect your hands during tough jobs using work gloves available in different sizes and materials.

Step Stool & Ladder

Reach new heights with a step stool or ladder to gain an advantage during do-it-yourself tasks or construction applications.
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What Kinds of Tools and Hardware Does HomElectrical Carry?

HomElectrical's tools and hardware category features a lot of different items. We carry many common tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. We also have more specialized equipment such as soapstone holders, grease guns, and fish tape.

We also carry household and builder's hardware products including:

  • screws
  • nuts
  • washers
  • keys
  • locks
  • hinges
  • handles
  • plumbing supplies

Find everything you need for your residential or commercial construction, repair, and installation projects at HomElectrical.

Should I Buy Power Tools or Manual Tools?

There's a lot to think about when it comes to deciding to buy power tools or manual tools. Work space, budget, and physical health are just a few. Here's an overview of benefits and drawbacks of each kind of tool.

Manual Hand Tools


Manual hand tools are good for jobs that need to be done on a budget because they are cheaper. They also provide a less loud way to work. These kinds of tools can last many years if properly used, cleaned, and stored. Manual tools are also quieter than power tools, so they won't hurt sensitive ears.


Manual tools can be hard to use for people who have some problems such as arthritis or tendinitis. The grip needed to hold the tool can hurt over time. The weight of some tools can cause fatigue and strain. These tools can make jobs take a long time since the work must be done with human power only.

Power Tools


Power tools are powered by electricity, either through a power cord or via battery. This usually means that the power tool will have more force behind it than the average human being and will be able to complete repetitive tasks (drilling, sawing, etc.) more quickly than a person could. This means jobs can be completed more thoroughly, with higher accuracy, and in a shorter time frame. For people who have health conditions that might keep them from using manual tools, power tools could be a good alternative. Many power tools are being developed into items more like appliances now with the addition of new technology. Some 'tools' you don't even have to hold in your hand. Just press a few buttons and let the machine do all the work, like a coffee maker or a backup generator.


Power tools are generally more expensive than manual tools. They also can take up more space since they need a place to attach a battery and a motor to run the machinery that is completing the work. This need for an energy source can also be restrictive because you may not always have access to power outlets depending on where the job is being completed. Power tools are also noisy, so this might keep you from working at night or in places where quiet is necessary (such as when working near a sleeping baby). Some people with conditions such as tendinitis may have that aggravated by the vibrations from a power tool.
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