Irrigation Supply

Take care of your landscape with irrigation supply products from HomElectrical. Irrigating keeps the soil and plants properly watered and assists in the growth and maintenance of the landscape. Irrigation systems can also be used to get rid of excess water that can harm plants and soil in the area. Browse HomElectrical for all your irrigation supply needs.

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What is a Split Bolt?

  • Makes tap or branch splices
  • Doesn’t need heat shrinks, primers, tapes and epoxy packs.

What is Sight Glass used for?

A sight glass allows you to see what is flowing and can be particularly handy to pumpers and water haulers.

What are Heat Shrink Crimp Connectors?

  • Terminals used to connect a single wire
  • Once connected wire transfers electrical current

How can I fix a pipe leak?

Leak Stopper Gone Rings can give you a 60 second solution for repairing a leak. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-4 inches for PVC pipe.

What do I need for a sprinkler head?

Whenever you want to install a sprinkler head an End of Line Poly Pipe Water Drain will make it easy for you by simply clamping onto a polyethylene pipe.

What is a Main Line Water Drain?

  • Its soft grip feature creates a slip free and easy pipe installation
  • Automatically removes extra water to prevent freezing
  • Protects against root and soil penetration
  • Self-cleaning screen that also counters clogs

What’s Irrigation Supply?

HomElectrical has a large selection of irrigation supply products to meet all of your landscaping needs. Irrigation is vital to the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds. These supplies can help plants from freezing over in the winter and can help soil and vegetation retain moisture during drought periods. Keep your grounds looking healthy and fresh all year round with a variety of irrigation supplies.

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