Leak-B-Gone: Permanently Repairing PVC Pipe Leaks in 60 Seconds or Less!

Leak-B-Gone is a product made by King Innovation and is a quick and easy-to-install solution for leaking PVC joints. Leak-B-Gone Rings provide a permanent solution against leaking PVC pipes and can be installed in as little as 60 seconds with no tools! There is no cutting or replacing the PVC pipes during installation and since Leak-B-Gone is airtight and waterproof, it gives your pipes an ultimate seal that will provide a permanent and strong solution to leaking pipes.

How to Install Leak-B-Gone

Leak-B-Gone can be installed on PVC pipe joints and should not be used on bathroom or kitchen “P-Traps” or compression fittings. The rings can be installed in five easy steps, in as little as 60 seconds, and with no tools necessary.

1. Dry off the leaking area from any water or fluid to ensure that the cement will hold and adhere the ring to the pipe. Be sure that the area is completely dry before moving onto the next step.

2. Apply an even coat of primer and let it dry. The primer will provide a smooth and even base for the cement to apply to. After the primer has dried, add a thick coating of cement around the pipe where the leak is. Warning: The Primer and Cement are harsh agents and may cause skin irritation. Be sure to wear proper protection and work in well ventilated areas.

3. Open the Leak-B-Gone ring to fit around the pipe, place it below the leaking area and away from the cement that was applied in step 2.

4. Slide the Leak-B-Gone Ring closed. Turn the ring while sliding it all the way to the leaking area until the ring is touching the leaking joint.

5. Hold the ring in place for 30 seconds to allow the cement to completely seal the ring to the PVC pipe. Once the cement is completely dry, the water can be turned back on

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do I need to Install Leak-B-Gone?

One of the benefits of the Leak-B-Gone ring is that you need no tools to install them! You only need the leaking pipe, the cement and primer, and the ring.

Is Leak-B-Gone permanent?

Leak-B-Gone is a permanent solution to leaking pipes without having to cut or replace the pipe. A single ring provides a 360 degree seal around a leaking pipe to ensure a permanent solution.

What size Leak-B-Gone I will need?

Your Leak-B-Gone ring should match the size of the PVC pipe that is leaking. If you are unsure of the size of your pipe, the size should be printed directly onto the pipe. The size will be printed in inches. If you are still unsure of the size, refer to the sizing chart provided.

*Before purchasing Leak-B-Gone, measure inside diameter of pipe to get the correct size Leak-B-Gone Ring.*

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