Leak-B-Gone PVC Pipe Repair

For a permanent, quick, and powerful solution against leaking PVC pipe joints, use King Innovation's Leak-B-Gone leak stopper rings. Leak-B-Gone PVC Pipe Repair rings are easily installed within 60 seconds, as they do not require the use of any outside tool. To install, simply apply primer and cement to the pipe and slide the Leak-B-Gone ring around the leaking pipe joint. Efficient and versatile, Leak-B-Gone rings are designed to repair pipes in both residential and commercial buildings.

What sizes do the stopper rings come in?

We know that not everyone needs the same size stopper ring, so we offer a variety of products ranging from 1-4 inches, which also includes half sizes.

What do I need to install my PVC Leak Stopper Leak-B-Gone Ring?

You don't need any tools to install your PVC Leak Stopper Leak-B-Gone Ring. The product comes with installation instructions that will guarantee a 60-second solution so your problem is solved quick!
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