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King Innovation is recognized as the industry leader in the manufacturing of electrical wire nut connectors and irrigation products. HomElectrical sells a wide variety of irrigation supplies such as SnapTap Saddles, a Sapling Soaker, or even accessories to lighting fixtures. Whether you are looking to use irrigation wire connectors to provide an impact-resistant solution for outdoor lighting, or if you are trying to easily install swing joints, drains, and sprinkler heads, HomElectrical has the supplies you will need.

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What is the difference between an irrigation Poly Pipe SnapTap Saddle and an Elbow Universal SnapTap Saddle?

Both of these products are used for easy installation of swing joints, drains, or sprinkler heads. With the Universal Snaptap Saddle, there is no need for any fitting or outside appliances and includes an improved Cutting Tip that clearly cuts through Polythylene pipes. Both have easy installation and a tight seal, thought the Poly Pipe SnapTap Saddle includes a Patented Cutting Tip instead of the improved Cutting Tip.

Is there only one size of the Sapling Soaker sold?

Yes, we currently only sell one size, but if you are looking for a larger bag for a tree, the maximum size can be doubled by zipping two bags together.
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