Janitorial Supply

Our janitorial supplies contain everything you need to keep your working environment clean and sanitary. Our selection includes waste receptacles, mops, brooms, toilet paper, paper towel dispensers, and chemical cleaning products. Be sure to browse through our entire lineup of commercial cleaning supplies to make sure you have all the janitorial equipment you need.
Eliminate the need for paper towels with hand dryers which provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative for use in the restroom.
Shop HomElectrical’s selection of paper and dispenser products available in different forms to suit your hygiene needs.
Keep environments safe and clean with HomElectrical’s chemical cleaning product selection to tackle any surface or mess you may encounter.

Squeegee & Washer

Use squeegees and washers purchased from HomElectrical to clean solid, smooth flat surfaces including windows, windshields, tile floors, polished concrete, and more.

Floor & Carpet Care

Properly maintain rugs, mats, concrete, carpet, tile, and wood floors with HomElectrical’s floor and carpet care products selection listed at competitive prices.

Mop, Broom & Brush

Find the right cleaning tool for the job with HomElectrical’s collection of mops, brooms and brushes built to tackle different types of messes.

Can Liner

HomElectrical can liners include low-density, high-density, and drawstring trash bags suitable for homes, businesses, and public areas.

Hand Sanitizer

When you can’t immediately wash your hands, kill germs with hand sanitizer available in wipes, bottles, or dispensers from HomElectrical.

Disposable Gloves & Dispenser

Protect hands from harmful pathogens and chemicals with disposable gloves and dispensers sold at low prices from HomElectrical.

Plastic Bags

Keep your food fresh with resealable plastic bags, including 1- and 2-gallon options.

Hand Dryer Accessories

Fiind accessories for your hand dryer, including replacement filter kits, wall guards, and thermostats available for select hand dryers.

Bathroom Accessory

HomElectrical offers a variety of bathroom accessories to finish off any bathroom project

Automatic Toilet Flush

Prevent the spread of bacteria and germs in the restroom with the use of automatic toilet flushers, which reduces contact between users and facilities.

Trash Can

Shop HomElectrical’s wide selection of trash cans to find the waste receptacle to suit your needs.


HomElectrical carries a variety of sponges including Brillo Pads, Magic Erasers, and scrubbers from trusted cleaning industry names like 3M, Clorox, and Procter & Gamble.

Soap & Dispenser

Outfit handwashing stations with soap and dispensers from HomElectrical available in bar, liquid, foam powdered, or pumice soaps.

Service Cart

Create a mobile cleaning or laundry workstation with caddies or rolling containers from HomElectrical’s service cart selection.

Scouring Pad

Scrub away tough stains or messes while deep cleaning with HomElectrical’s selection of scouring pads.

Personal Care

HomElectrical’s personal care collection offers hygiene products including wipes, shampoo, conditioner, oral care, towels, lotion, and deodorant.

Odor Control

Eliminate foul odors with HomElectrical’s odor control collection including deodorizer sprays, toilet products, and metered dispensers.

Laundry Product

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of laundry products including detergent, fabric softener, stain removers, dryer sheets, and baskets ideal for residential and commercial use.

Grill Scrubber

Keep grills clean and efficient with HomElectrical’s collection of grill scrubbers capable of removing difficult build-up.

Feminine Care Product

Outfit public bathrooms with feminine care products to provide sanitary waste receptacles and feminine product dispensers.

Cleaning Accessory

With all of the germs and viruses that exist in the world, keeping up with sanitation becomes increasingly important

Bottle Sprayer & Pump

Shop for bottle sprayers and pumps at HomElectrical for products ideal for watering plants or using cleaning products.

Baby Care

HomElectrical carries baby care products like changing tables and baby wipes for safe and sanitary practices when changing diapers.
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Should I get dispensers for my cleaning supplies?

Getting a dispenser for items like feminine hygiene products, gloves, and paper towels has multiple benefits.

Dispensers Maintain Organization

Having items disseminated via dispenser means that it's easier to stay organized. When it comes to where products should be stocked and how much of a product is left, being able to install a dispenser and monitor the levels within it keeps guesswork out of your inventory process, saving you hassle and money on re-ordering supplies too early (spending funds prematurely) or too late (not having the supplies you need to do your job appropriately).

Dispensers Help Mitigate Theft

Even for free items like paper towels or gloves, having a way for people to have organized access to these items helps resist greed and theft. Taking an extra pair of gloves home is one thing, but taking half a box is another. Customers and employees will have a harder time overindulging if your products are distributed little by little instead of sitting in a basket or pile on a counter. This also reduces the amount of times you have to restock an item in a give time frame. For example, if you've had paper towels sitting in a stock on bathroom counters, you might have to replace this stack daily. But having the paper towels come out of a dispenser means that people can only grab so many at a time because they're given out automatically or have to be pulled out one by one. This helps dampen how many people take when they use the restroom and you might only have to restock a few times each week instead of every single day.

Dispensers Reduce Mess

If you're tired of seeing gloves surrounding the box instead of either in the box or on people's hands, you'll understand why having a dispenser makes a lot of sense for gloves and other janitorial supplies. By keeping your products organized, you keep your space cleaner. Paper towels are one of the worst offenders. How many times have you seen paper towels in the sink, on the floor, in the toilet, or even beside the garbage can when there was simply a stack of paper towels on the counter?

How do I clean my mop heads between uses?

Each mop head is made of different materials and may have specific cleaning and maintenance instructions that you need to follow. However, a basic way to clean and sanitize most mop heads involves nothing more complicated that water, bleach, and a bucket.

Step 1: Rinse thoroughly

Run clean water over your mop head until the water comes away clear. This lets you know there's no more of the larger dirt deposits.

Step 2: Soak in a bleach solution

Make a hot water solution that is 1/32 bleach. You can do this with two gallons of hot water and a single cup of bleach. Let the mop soak in this solution for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Wring and dry

Remove the mop from its soak and wring it dry using your mop bucket's wringer. Then hang the mop up to dry and you're all done!

What is a micron?

Microns are the units of measure for the thickness of trash can liners.

A single micron is equal to 1 millionth of a meter or 1 thousandth of a millimeter. Thicker bags will be around 20 microns, while thinner bags may be closer to 5 microns.

Thicker bags are often used for heavier or sharper items. This might include sticks, twigs, or construction waste. Thinner bags are often used for lighter, softer waste such as shredded paper, hair clippings, or grass. It's helpful to make both thicker and thinner bags part of your janitorial equipment.
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