Odor Control

HomElectrical's selection of odor control products include sprays, dispensers, and fan systems. We also carry an array of scent refills with odor control in many scents, from cherry to vanilla. Shop HomElectrical for a selection of odor control products.
Keep toilets clean and sanitary with urinal and bowl products to help eliminate odors and prevent messes.
Leave air fresheners to a timer with a metered dispenser capable of automatically keeping spaces smelling fresh.
Eliminate foul odors with HomElectrical’s collection of deodorizers available in a variety of scents and options.
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What are the main ways I can control odor indoors?

In working and living areas you can use an air deodorizer or an automatic dispenser to make sure your areas are smelling fresh. In the bathroom you can also use urinal and toilet bowl cleaners to keep the smell down.

What is deodorizer?

Deodorizers absorb offensive scents and odors. Deodorizers are great for use in mop-buckets, carpets-cleaners, and bathroom cleaners.

What are urinal blocks?

Urinal blocks eliminate odors and disinfect urinals at their source. They are placed above the urinal drain, often within a urinal screen, so they catch odors and germs immediately.

Why should I get a metered air freshener dispenser?

Metered dispensers spray fragrances automatically at measured time intervals. This effectively controls odor for up to 30 days with a single scented refill, and saves money by preventing wasteful use of manual air fresheners.
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