Bright Air

Bright Air manufactures a wide variety of air fresheners and odor eliminators with all of their scents being inspired by those coming from nature. These air fresheners can be used in a wide variety of locations: offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, and more. Look through our collection of Bright Air air fresheners and odor eliminators to find the scent that is right for you.

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Do Bright Air air fresheners work?

Bright Air air fresheners are made so that they will overpower the disgusting, or even uncomfortable, scent that is in the room. You do not want to mistake these as an odor eliminator as they will just cover one scent with another. But they are ideal for hotels, schools, restaurants, and more.

What are Bright Air odor eliminators used for?

Bright Air odor eliminators are supposed to completely rid a designated area of a fowl smelling odor. Unlike air fresheners that will only cover the scent, odor eliminators will get rid of the odor entirely.
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