Eagle Manufacturing Company is a family own business that is established in 1894. They are a manufacturer of safety cans, safety cabinets, secondary spill containment products, poly drums, material handling products, and cigarette receptacles. Eagle Manufacturing company prides themselves is quality products that are "made in the USA".

Which color safety cabinet should I choose?

The color of the safety cabinet is determined by the type of chemical it stores.

  • Yellow - Flammable liquids
  • Red - Paint and ink
  • Blue - Acid and corrosive chemical
  • Green - Pesticides
  • Grey, White, and Beige - Unspecified

What color safety can should I choose?

Eagle Manufacturing Company products both type I and type II safety can in a variety of safety colors

  • Red - Flammable Liquids
  • Yellow - Diesel
  • Blue - Kerosene
  • Green - Combustibles

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