Ideal Industries

Ideal is a portable cement silo & cement batch plant manufacturer that can be found all over the US, even in Ireland and Canada! Shop our full selection of Ideal Reel products below.
Ideal Industries

Ideal Wire Cutter/Stripper

For electrical wiring projects, choose Ideal Wire Cutters and Wire Strippers for safe, quality tools.

Ideal Tester & Measuring Tool

Check electrical systems with Ideal Tester and Measuring Tools including a GFCI circuit tester to detect faulty wiring in 3-wire outlets.

Ideal Multi-Purpose Wipes

Clean up tough messes with Ideal Multi-Purpose Wipes useful in cleaning dirt, grease, lube, and grime.

Ideal Wire Connectors

$11.86Box of 100
Safely link electrical wires with Ideal Wire Connectors featuring a 600-volt rating and flame retardant housing.

Ideal Worm Drive Clamps

Tightly seal tubes and hoses with Ideal Worm Drive Clamps for secure fittings ideal for industrial applications.

Ideal Small Diameter Clamps

Secure hoses to fittings with Ideal Small Diameter Clamps constructed of stainless steel, suitable for construction, gardening, or plumbing.

What is an Ideal Small Diameter Clamp used for?

These clamps are made from stainless steel and are generally used for any small hose application including: Emission Control, Fuel Lines, Vacuum Hoses and more.

What is Tie Wire?

Tie Wire is aluminum wire that is typically galvanized or stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Aluminum is an excellent conductor and weighs less than copper, making it more versatile. It is most commonly found in the construction industry for tying bundles of metal or heavy materials.
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