Nicholson is dedicated to producing long-lasting tools such as handsaws, files, and rasps for any of your needs. Nicholson knows that it is important to have the essential sharpening tools you need, and they look to provide durable and acceptable sharpness to tools with master craftsmanship. This recognized brand includes products made to uncompromising standards of quality and only looks forward to continuous improvement.

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What is a mill tooth file used for?

A mill tooth file, also called a curved-cut file, has its teeth arranged in a curved pattern across the face of the file. These files are often used in automotive body shops for smoothing body panels with little trouble and full success.

What is a bastard file used for?

A bastard file has a file coarseness that is between coarse and second-cut. The coarseness of a file is determined by the amount of teeth per inch length of the file, and the bastard fie has a curved tooth pattern which is often used to file circular opening or concave surfaces.
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