Fibre-Metal is a manufacturer of safety supplies and equipment ideal for the building, electrical, and mechanical industries. Their products provide head protection for construction and manufacturing work areas, and help prevent injuries from object falls and abrasions. Not only do they protect your head from falling objects, but they also provide accessories to make wearing helmets much more comfortable.

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Why should I use a sweatband for my helmet?

Sweat bands provide plenty of benefits to make wearing a hard hat or safety helmet much more comfortable. First, they add a layer of cloth between the bands of the helmet and your head in order to prevent irritation. Then, once you've worked up a sweat, the sweat band will soak up that sweat in order to keep it out of your eyes.

What should I keep in mind when purchasing and wearing a sweatband?

Make sure to choose the right size of band when shopping. If you get a band that doesn't cover your whole strap then it'll be more irritating than not having one. It may not even fit at all! Another thing to keep in mind is that after a long day of collecting sweat your sweat band is going to smell pretty bad. Make sure to properly care for your sweat band according to the instructions so you aren't putting a helmet on every day that's covered in yesterday's sweat. Gross!
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