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Master Lock is a well known and high quality lock company that sells locks for home and personal, business and industry, and service and support. Master Lock provides authentic, enduring, and strong locks to help you secure any place or object. This company's durable locks provide value to the customer, which Master Locks strives to provide the best locks out there while also setting new standards.

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What is the dial sequence to open a standard combination lock?

In order to open a standard lock, you have to:
  • Turn the dial three times to the right and then stop the dial on the first number of your combination
  • Then turn the dial left only until you reach the next number. Do not go past it or you will have to restart
  • Turn the dial back the the right and stop on the third number in your sequence. Once you are on this number, pull down and your lock should open

What happens if I forget my lock after I've secured it?

Unfortunately, if you secure your lock on a bike, locker, cabinet, or anything else, Master Lock can NOT help you reset the lock due to security reasons. If the lock is not securing something, you can go on the Master Lock website and put in your serial number for them to tell you your lock combination.
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