Klein Tools

Klein Tools uses the highest quality materials, superior workmanship, and U.S. manufacturing to provide workers with products they can count on. When manufacturing their products, they use professional standards so that their products deliver all the performance, durability, and precision that's needed to get the job done right. Find competitively priced Klein Tools products ranging from accessories, aprons, tool sets, different cutting tools, hammers, knives, insulated tools, and more at HomElectrical.
Klein Tools

Klein Power Tool Accessory

For more functionality for your Klein Power Tools, use Klein Power Tool Accessories to adapt to job requirements.

Klein Stripper, Cutter & Crimper

Purchase Klein Stripper, Cutter and Crimper tools which provide different options and protection when conducting cable work of varying sizes.

Klein Screwdriver

Shop for Klein Screwdrivers available in different shapes, sizes, and tips to tackle any project you may have.

Klein Accessories

Show your brand loyalty with Klein Accessories for dapper, functional products to help you keep working strong.

Klein Voice/Data/Video Tool, Test, Kit & Connector

Verify your work with Klein Voice/Data/Video Tools, Testers, Kits, and Connectors suitable for a variety of job applications.

Branded Collection

For the Klein Tools fans, shop the Klein Tools Branded Collection for branded merchandise from tumblers to clothing.

Klein Level & Measuring Tool

Ensure precise accuracy using Klein Level and Measuring Tools for jobs requiring no room for error.

Klein Wire Pulling Grip

In communication, construction, or electrical work, use Klein Wire Pulling Grip to handle cables and wires safely and efficiently.

Klein Tool Set

Whether you’re an electrician or conducting routine maintenance, Klein Tool Sets offer multiple tools to accomplish the task at hand.

Klein Holemaking Product & Accessory

Create precise holes with Klein Holemaking Products and Accessories available in different sizes capable of cutting through different materials.

Klein Personal Protective Equipment & Safety Product

Stay safe while on the job with Klein Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Products to prevent potential injuries in hazardous environments.

Klein Nut Driver & Accessory

Shop Klein Nut Drivers and Accessories built for everyday maintenance or construction applications requiring specialty fastening tools.

Klein Tool Bag & Storage

Hold and organize your Klein Tools with Klein Tool Bags and Storage featuring bags with a dapper design and the Klein Tools logo.

Klein Body Belt

Designed with heavy-duty construction, Klein Body Belts keep you safe and secure when working on telephone poles or other high places.

Klein Plier

For strong, durable gripping tools, Klein Pliers come in variety of options to suit different tasks and jobs.

Klein Steel Construction Tool

Manufactured with forged alloy steel, Klein Steel Construction Tool offer durability and strength for steelwork.

Klein Tool Pouch & Bolt Bag

Purchase Klein Tool Pouches and Bolt Bags to keep tools and bolts handy for easy access while on the job.

Klein Scissors & Shear

Use Klein Scissors and Shears to cut through a number of materials that may arise during different jobs.

Klein Cable & Bolt Cutter

For precise, splitting power purchase Klein Cable and Bolt Cutters built to handle different materials available in a variety of cutting tools.

Klein Journeyman Series

Purchase Klein Journeyman Series tools and supplies for innovative handle design built for comfort and durability.

Klein Canvas Bucket

Haul tools, equipment, and supplies with Klein Canvas Buckets capable of carrying heavy loads while on the job.

Klein Wrench

Klein Wrench for securing or loosening nuts and bolts with models suitable for electrical or construction applications.

Klein Zipper Bag & Carrying Case

Shop for Klein Zipper Bags and Carrying Cases to store delicate Klein Tools in the cases and whatever you like in the bags.

Klein Light

Illuminate workspaces and keep both hands available using Klein Lights available in different styles to adapt to different work situations.

Klein Hammer

Choose from a variety of Klein Hammers to find the tool you need to accomplish tasks at home on at work.

Klein Hex-Key Wrench

Use Klein Hex-Key Wrenches and sets to secure or remove different types of bolts from projects.

Klein Knife & Utility Knife

Shop for Klein Knives and Utility Knives available in different blades suitable for a variety of demanding tasks.

Klein Electrical Tester & Measurement

Shop for Klein Electrical Testers and Measurements to verify electrical systems work properly through Universal Premium Silicone Test Lead Sets, GFCI Receptacle Testers, TRMS Clamp Meters, and more.

Klein Insulated Tool

For safety when working with electricity, use Klein Insulated Tools featuring a high-dielectric white inner coating and a flame retardant, impact-resistant outer coating.

Klein Sheet Metal Tool & HVAC

For work involving sheet metal, ductwork, and tubing choose Klein Sheet Metal and HVAC Tools to help you on the job.

Klein Saw & Blade

Confidently cut through materials with Klein Saws and Blades available in hack saw, jab saw, compass saw, and reciprocating saw options.

Klein Belt & Suspender

Secure your trousers with Klein Belts and Suspenders available in a variety belts to suit specific tasks or jobs.

Klein Fish Tape & Accessory

Maneuver cables and wires through pipes using Klein Fish Tape and Accessories designed to help electricians on the job.

Klein Conduit Tool

For electrical projects choose Klein Conduit Tools including benders and reamers to handle piping.

Klein Apron

Whether you’re in electrical work or working at heights, Klein Aprons keep tools close at hand while on the job.

Klein Harness & Accessories

For jobs involving climbing or heights, Klein Harnesses and Accessories keep you safe and secure while working in hazardous environments.

Klein Chisel & Punch

Cut, carve, or punch holes in hard materials with Klein Chisels and Punches manufactured from high-carbon steel.

Klein Mining & Heavy Industry Tool

For durable equipment that will stand up to tough jobs, Klein Mining and Heavy Industry Tools work to help you complete your job.

Klein Block & Tackle

Klein Block and Tackle systems ropes, cables, and pulleys to lift and move heavy loads at the job site.

Klein Tool Pouch, Carrier, Belt & Suspender

Featuring durable construction, Klein Tool Pouches, Carriers, Belts and Suspenders ensure safety and secure items while you’re on the job.

Klein Telecom Tool

Klein Telecom Tools offers specialty equipment for use with cables and wires during telecommunications work.

Why should I get Klein Tools?

The Klein family has been manufacturing Klein Tools products in American since 1857 and it is important to them to continue on with this tradition. Their investment in U.S. manufacturing coupled with their high standards produces amazing hand tools that are ready for professional use. They are durable and offer high performance and precision to allow for the job to get done quickly and correctly. Shop our complete Klein Tools product line on HomElectrical.com. We carry everything from multi-piece tools sets to tote bags for easy organization.

Does Klein Tools only sell tools?

Klein Tools sells a variety of options, such as:

  • Accessories
  • Aprons
  • Belts and Suspenders
  • Block and Tackle
  • Body Belts
  • Cable and Bolt Cutters
  • Canvas Buckets
  • Chisels and Punches
  • Conduit Tools
  • Electrical Testers and Measurements
  • Tape
  • Harnesses
  • Wrenches
  • and more! Shop all of Klein Tools' categories today!

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