Klein Chisel & Punch

Klein Chisels are made from heat-treated, high-carbon steel for necessary hardness and durability. They cut, shape, and remove metal. Correctly ground edge and long length work better in hard-to-reach areas. Punches are made of high-carbon steel for durability. They have a rugged design for better impact strength. Strong, heat-treated points are smooth and correctly tapered. Shop HomElectrical's supply of Klein Chisels and Punches today!

What are Klein Chisels used for?

Klein Chisels are used for carving or cutting a hard material such as wood, stone, or metal by hand, struck with a mallet, or mechanical power. Different types of chisels include:
  • Cold Chisel: A cold chisel is made of tempered steel used for cutting 'cold' metals. They are not used in conjunction with heating torches and forges.
  • Hot Chisel: A hot chisel is used to cut metal that has been heated in a forge to soften the metal.
  • Electrician's Chisel: and electrician's chisel features a one-piece handle and blade forged of strong alloy steel. These chisels are designed to work in tight, crowded areas.

What are the different types of punches?

  • Drift Punch: a drift punch is used to align bolt or rivet holes before inserting a fastener. A drift punch is constructed as a tapered rod, with the hammer acting on the large end of the taper.
  • Center Punch: A center punch is used to mark the center of a point. It is usually used to mark the center of a hole when drilling. A center punch forms a large enough dimple to guide the tip of the drill.
  • Pin Punch: A pin punch is used to remove metal pins from a hole.
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