Klein Hex-Key Wrench

Klein Tools manufactures quality Hex-Key Wrench tools that ensure the easy securing or removing of bolts and allows the user to complete tasks more effectively. HomElectrical has a large variety of Klein Tools brand hex-key wrench products to chose from and we also sell a different key for every size bolt. Buy our durable and long lasting wrenches at HomElectrical!

What are the different types of hex-key wrenches?

  • T-Handle: T-handle hex-key wrenches are known for their T-handle design that delivers maximum power and an easy grip.
  • L-Style: L-style hex-key wrenches are known for the L-shape. The L-shape provides extra length for hard-to-reach applications.
  • What are the head types available?

    • Ball-End head: Ball-End heads feature a tapered hexagonal design used for nuts and screws.
    • Torx head: Torx heads feature a six pointed star design used to drive nuts and screws.
    • Hex head: Hex heads feature a hexagonal shape used to drive nuts and screws.
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