Klein Knife & Utility Knife

Get your exceptionally made and U.S. manufactured Klein Tools Knife & Cutting Tool products from HomElectrical. Most of these blades are stainless steel and hardened making them exceptionally durable and long lasting. The handles are also textured for better gripping and comfort. Klein Tools knife & cutting tool products provide the premier in style material and performance you are looking for. Get yours today at HomElectrical.

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What are the styles of Klein knives?

  • Pocket knife: a folding knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that can still fit in a pocket. Pocket-knives are used for common applications like opening an envelope, cutting twine, slicing a piece of fruit or even as a means of self-defense.
  • Lockback knife: a lockback knife is a folding knife that has a stop pin acting on the top or behind the blade that prevents it from rotating clockwise.
  • Utility knife: a knife used for general or utility purposes. They feature small folding or retractable-blade knives that are used in the modern workplace or in the construction industry.
  • Special-purpose knife: a knife used for cable-sheath splitting or skinning.

What are the cutting styles of snips?

  • Straight cutting: cuts in a straight line and wide curves
  • Left cutting: cuts straight and in a tight curve to the left
  • Right cutting: cuts straight and in a tight curve to the right
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