Klein Level & Measuring Tool

Klein Tools Level & Measuring Tool products are a necessity for making accurate estimations of the horizontal or vertical straight lines for industrial or household purposes. Use these handy products, such as tape measures, headlamps, levels, rulers, and more, to make completing a job nice and easy. Choose from our wide selection of Klein Tools measuring options when looking for quality and efficiency at HomElectrical.

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What are the benefits of Klein Tape Measures?

Klein tape measures are flexible rulers that are enclosed in non-slip rubber cases for comfort and convenience. They feature non-flip nylon coated blades that resist abrasion and wear and a true zero feature to provide accurate inside and outside measuring. Large rare earth magnetic end hooks add 5 times the strength.

What are Klein Fiberglass Tapes?

Klein's fiberglass tape is a measuring tool made of a woven cloth material that is coated with a moister-proof polyvinyl chloride. This coating assures durability and protects against oil or chemicals so the tape measure can be completely submerged in water without damaging it.
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