Klein Tool Pouch & Bolt Bag

Klein Tool Pouch & Bolt Bag offers a variety of products such as bolt bags, wrench holders, utility bags, maintenance tool pouches, knife holders, hammer holders, and more! The Klein Tool Pouch & Bolt Bag also come in a range of different materials including cordura fabric, canvas, leather, and others for the most sturdy, protective, and helpful uses. Browse our collection of Klein Tool Pouch & Bolt Bag now at HomElectrical to find your next helpful accessory.

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What are benefits to the right-hand nail and tool pouch?

  • Helps keep track of your nails and screws
  • Tunnel loop fits any belt up up to 3"
  • Durability constructed for a long life span
  • Beneficial for construction workers, carpenters, and other hands on professionals
  • Easy to reach and easy to use while staying out of your way

What are the benefits of the PowerLine 2-Pocket Utility Pouch?

Not only is the PowerLine 2-Pocket Utility Pouch more helpful to workers because it has multiple pockets for storage, but it is also made of sturdy and durable cordura material that is also lightweight and washable. Not only this, but this material is also resistant to abrasion, punctures, and tearing making it useful for all tools, supplies, and spare parts.
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