Klein Scissors & Shear

Klein manufactures multiple sizes and styles of Scissors and Shears to accommodate your needs. Choose from scissors and shears made from steel and other durable materials. Whether you need to cut plastic, metal, or paper, shop HomElectrical’s selection of Klein Scissors and Shears to find exactly what you need.

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What are the styles of Klein scissors?

  • Electrician's scissors: scissors with steel blades designed for telecom and electrical applications and heavy-duty use.
  • Industrial high-leverage shears: scissors with broad, short jaws that are used to cut light wire, fabric, cable, cordage, rubber, light metal, wire metal screens, cordage, plastics and ropes.

What are the types and styles of snips?

Snips are hand tools used to cut sheet metal, foil, metal, paper, textile, plastic film, and wire. They come in:
  • Tinner's snips: these snips are recognizable by their long handles and short blades. They usually have extra wide jaws and are made of drop forged carbon steel.
  • Compound-action snips: these snips are used to cut aluminum up to 18 gauge, mild steel upt o 24 gauge, and stainless steel up to 26 gauge.
The different styles are:
  • Straight cutting: cuts in a straight line and wide curves
  • Left cutting: cuts straight and in a tight curve to the left
  • Right cutting: cuts straight and in a tight curve to the right
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