Klein Wire Pulling Grip

Widely needed in the power, communications, and general construction fields to pull wire and cable, Klein Tools Wire Pulling Grip are high-quality and reliable. All Klein Tools grips are manufactured, inspected and tested in the USA. They are also made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficiency. Wire pulling grip products act as liaisons to hold cords in to place against an electrical pole. These grips are rigorously tested and pulled to a rated load to ensure high-quality and reliability. Buy your secure Klein Tools wire pulling grip products for competitive prices at HomElectrical.

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What are the different types of Chicago Grip tools used for?

Each if the Chicago Grip tools are made at different sizes for different strengths. The bigger the size, the stronger the grip. These tools are also used for some specific products, such as the .75" being used for extra-high-strength cables, or the 30 Chicago grip being used for large diameter conductors. Depending on the weight you are trying to support will determine which Chicago Grip tool you should buy.

How much weight can the Wire Pulling Grips hold?

Depending on the size, the Wire Pulling Grips can hold different amounts of weight. For example:
  • Wire Pulling Grip .5' to .56'' (12 mm to 14 mm) holds 100 lbs
  • Wire Pulling Grip .75'' to 1'' (19 mm to 25 mm) holds maximum 185 lbs
There are some specific types of grips, such as flexible-eye pulling grips, that come in other sizes and will have different weight limits.
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