Motorguard Corporation creates products to help increase the efficiency of tools and repair them when they break down. Their air filters and cleaning kits help keep your tools running at maximum capacity as long as possible. If you're looking to optimize your tools' performance, then you can rely on Motorguard's parts to last.

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Why should I use a Motorguard air filter?

Air filters keep the intake for your tools free from damaging and clogging particulates. Their filters eliminate paint failures caused by moisture, particulate, and oil aerosol contaminates as small as 1 micron. That's quality protection! These filters extend the life of your tools by protecting delicate and precision parts from watery, oily, and dirty contaminates.

What tools can you use these air filters with?

These air filters are often used with plasma cutters. They help keep particles from entering the intake area of the air compressor. This keeps your air compressor from gumming up, and also keeps your airflow particle-free to keep your plasma cutter operating at maximum efficiency. Make sure you check what psi your airflow is rated at before deciding on which filter you want to use, because otherwise you could blow out your air filter.
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