Coxreels is leading the industry with quality and innovative products. They make sure that all their products are made with quality, variety, and value in mind. They have products with variety of applications including welding products, electric cords, storage devices, grounding equipment, and more.

What is a spring driven reel?

A spring driven reel uses a direct drive motor to pull your cord/hose back with ease and precision without tangling or adding a hump. They are made with a 0.25" steel frame and a support are with SUPER HUB for strength and durability.

What is a EZ-COIL Reel?

The EX-Coil reels come with the patented EZ-Coil Rewind Safety System. EX-Coil reels are recommended for safe spring driven hose, cord and cable reel operation on any job. EZ-Coil works by not increasing resistant when a hose, cable, or cord is pulled. When the hose, cord, or cable is released it is retracted safely and at a steady pace for a non-aggressive recoil.
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