Rubberset has been around since 1873 and have been committed to developing high quality applicators and painting tools. Their foam brushes and metal paint roller trays are great tools for anyone who is about to begin a painting project. Discover our selection of Rubberset tools at HomElectrical.

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What are Rubberset Foam Paint Brushes?

Rubberset foam paint brushes are a great way to quickly get the paint you need and distribute on the desired surface. Instead of using bristles, like a regular paint brush, this one uses foam. The foam will be able to absorb the paint and cover some material like a regular paint brush. You will likely save some money with these type of brushes as they won't waste as much paint as a regular brush might.

What is a Rubberset Paint Tray?

A Rubberset paint roller tray is designed to hold paint that is then easily accessible to the painter. The tray itself is made from metal for a durable piece of equipment. While a roller tray was made so that a paint roller brush would be easier to use this can be used no matter what type of brush you are using.

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