Stelpro offers a variety of unique and innovative energy efficient electric heater and ventilation products to meet every level of comfort desired. Stelpro products are all designed and manufactured in Canada to the highest of standards. Shop HomElectrical for a full selection of Stelpro products for all your comfort needs.

Stelpro Fan Heater

Warm your bathrooms, commercial spaces, and hallways, with Stelpro's variety of fan heaters, available with wall, ceiling, and even floor mounting capabilities.

Stelpro Thermostats

Find the Stelpro thermostat you need with their selection SMART thermostats, electronic thermostats, built-in thermostats, and more.

Stelpro Baseboard Heater

Stelpro designs a full selection of baseboard heaters in a variety of sizes and designs, including patio door heaters, compact baseboards, architectural baseboards and more, to fit your residential and commercial heating requirements.

Stelpro Convection Heater

Heat residential, commercial, and industrial spaces with a selection of Stelpro convection heaters, including surface mounted, floor inserts, and more.

Stelpro Bathroom Fan Heater

Use a stylish Stelpro bathroom fan heater to make sure your bathrooms stay a comfortable temperature, whether in commercial or residential spaces.

Stelpro Unit Heater

Stelpro produces a variety of unit heaters, including agricultural, washdown, and industrial unit heaters designed to heat large areas, like workshops and warehouses.

Stelpro Duct Heater

Keep your building comfortable with duct heaters and make-up air units from Stelpro.

Stelpro Radiant Heater

Whether you need a cove heater or a short-wave infrared heater, Stelpro radiant heaters can heat the people and objects in a room with ease.

Stelpro ASCH Series Multipurpose Portable Heater

For a durable and portable heater you can use on construction sites, shop Stelpro ASCH series multipurpose portable heaters.

Stelpro Snow and Rain Sensor

Use Stelpro’s self-regulating heating cable system to help melt snow or ice on the roof to prevent blockage and protect gutters from freezing.

Stelpro Electric Furnace

Using a modulating motor to continuously adjust the temperature, Stelpro offers an energy efficient electric furnace option.

Stelpro Air Handler

Fit for commercial and residential use, Stelpro offers quality air handlers to help keep your building comfortable.

Stelpro Hand Dryer

With wall or recessed mounted as well as automatic and push-button options, you can find the right Stelpro hand dryer for your requirements.

Stelpro Heating Floor

Heat a variety of floors, including homes, offices, concrete floors, and even sidewalks and driveways with Stelpro heating floor options.

What kind of heaters does Stelpro offer?

Stelpro is the Canadian electrical heater market leader who offers a full line of high-quality and stylish heating and ventilation products for 360° of comfort year-round. Stelpro even manufactures accompanying thermostats and cables for underfloor heating systems to ensure that you have everything you need.

What are the different types of heaters from Stelpro?

Stelpro designs and manufactures a variety of stylish electric heaters including baseboard heaters, cabinet heaters, wall fan heaters, ceiling fan heaters, unit heaters, portable heaters, radiant heaters, and many more.
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