ASPR Series Prima Baseboard Heater

Keep warm and save space when you choose a high-end, compact baseboard heater from Stelpro! The Stelpro ASPR series Prima baseboard heaters offer an elegant and safe design. They feature an innovative, two-click removal front panel to allow for easy cleaning too! Shop HomElectrical to find a wide variety of Stelpro Prima series baseboard heaters to warm your home!

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What sizes do baseboard heaters come in?

Baseboard heaters range in size. Typically, they can vary between 24 inches to 96 inches, or between 2-feet to 8-feet. Stelpro’s Prima series compact baseboard heaters offers compact sizes up to 15% shorter than a traditional baseboard. Their sizes range from 1.9-5.3 feet.

Why choose the Stelpro ASPR series?

The Stelpro Prima electric baseboard heaters offer a safe design with openings that block access to the heating elements. Additionally, the heating element floats in nylon sleeves, reducing the amount of expansion and contraction noise the heater makes.

They consist of a 22-gauge annealed galvanized steel housing and 20-gauge one-piece front panel that can support 99.8 kg (220 lbs) at the center. They also come equipped with full-length thermal protection with automatic reset, full length wireway, and a discreet air inlet.

The Stelpro ASPR series includes these additional features:

  • Impact-resistant reinforced front panel
  • Removable front panel for cleaning
  • Discreet air inlet
  • Easy to clean with removable front panel
  • Guide marks to assist with wall mounting
  • Variety of wattage, voltage, and BTU options

While not included, the Stelpro electronic thermostat is strongly recommended. You can find Stelpro thermostats, including electronic thermostats for baseboards.

Can you put furniture in front of a baseboard heater?

Electric baseboard heaters typically need around 12 inches, or 1 foot, of clearance in front of them. This means that you can put furniture in front of the baseboard, but it should be at least 12 inches away. Placing furniture any closer can create a fire hazard and may reduce the heater’s performance by restricting airflow. Always check the clearance requirements of your heater as some types may differ. Some require a higher distance for clearance.

Additionally, curtains should also remain a safe distance from the heater. Flammable material should typically remain around at least 12 inches away.

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