ASPR Series Prima Baseboard Heater

Stelpro's ASPR series Prima baseboard heaters offer a high end compact heater to keep you warm while saving you space. The Stelpro ASPR series electric baseboard heater offers an elegant and safe design. Shop HomElectrical to find Stelpro Prima baseboard heaters for your home.

What is a compact baseboard heater?

The ASPR compact baseboard heater functions the same way as a conventional baseboard heater. Up to 15% shorter than a traditional baseboard, the compact ASPR series heats your home while saving you space. The Stelpro Prima electric baseboard ranges in size from 1.9-5.3 feet.

What do Stelpro ASPR series baseboard heaters offer?

Stelpro’s Prima compact baseboard heaters offer a safe design with openings that block access to the heating elements. Additionally, the heating element floats in nylon sleeves, reducing the amount of expansion and contraction noise the heater makes.

The Stelpro ASPR series includes these additional features:

  • Impact-resistant reinforced front panel
  • Removable front panel for cleaning
  • Discreet air inlet
  • Easy to clean with removable front panel
  • Guide marks to assist with wall mounting
  • Variety of wattage, voltage, and BTU options

Choose between control options such as:

  • Wall thermostat
  • Built-in single pole electronic thermostat
  • Low voltage relay kit

Is an electronic thermostat required?

While not included, the Stelpro electronic thermostat is strongly recommended. You can find Stelpro thermostats, including electronic thermostats for baseboards, here.

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