Stelpro Baseboard Heater

Find a full selection of Stelpro baseboard heaters with HomElectrical. Stelpro designs feature convector, agricultural, and commercial baseboard heaters in a variety of sizes and amperages to suit any location. With our full selection, we are sure to have the right baseboard heater for all your space heating purposes.
Stelpro Baseboard Heater

BA Series Bella High-End Baseboard

Heat your home in style with the Stelpro BA Series Bella High-End Baseboard featuring an elegant design and power options to suit your needs.

Stelpro Patio Door Heater

Prevent cold air from entering and condensation from forming around doors and windows with a Stelpro patio door heater.

SBB Series Compact Multipurpose Baseboard

The Stelpro SBB series compact multipurpose baseboard heater offers optimal heating performance in homes and offices.

B Series Electric Baseboard

Using convection heating, the Stelpro B Series Electric Baseboard Heater provides warmth with models capable of heating in high altitudes.

What is a baseboard heater?

A baseboard heater is an easy-to-install heater option for any home or commercial building. With a variety of voltages, the heaters are suited to heat a wide range of room sizes. The baseboard heater is usually chosen because of its easy installation and unobtrusive design, remaining close to the ground for little disruption in the design of a room. Stelpro baseboard heaters come in a variety of designs to suit any heating preference. Their convector baseboard heaters operate by forming a convection current which brings air in, heats it, and pushes it back out.

What kind of baseboard heaters are there?

There are residential baseboard heaters, which typically heat smaller rooms and use convector heating. They are also available in commercial varities, which can be sloped or non-sloped. The sloped model makes it less likely to be used as a counter or sat on. These heaters are ideal for larger locations and are safe for areas with children. The architectural baseboard heater is ideal for complimentary, perimeter heating and can also be sloped or non-sloped. Virtually of the Stelpro baseboard heaters come with an optional built in thermostat and a variety of voltage options to make them suitable for any application.

What is convection heating?

Convection heating is a typical heating mechanism which runs intake air along heated coils and creates buoyancy to send the heat up from the baseboard and into your living space.
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