BA Series Bella High-End Baseboard

The Stelpro BA series Bella baseboard heater is a high-end, stylish baseboard model that provides excellent heat for any room. The sturdy facade is made of an extremely solid, impact and rust resistant aluminum extrusion. Save on your Stelpro BA Bella baseboard heater with HomElectrical's competitive prices.

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What makes the BA Bella baseboard heaters different?

The Stelpro BA Bella baseboard is a high-end baseboard heater with a style and design that provides exceptional heat. It is manufactured with an extremely solid, impact and rust resistant aluminum extrusion, a 22-gauge steel cabinet, and a full length wireway to ensure durability and versatility. Thermal protection is provided with automatic reset.

How does the BA bella baseboard heater create heat?

The BA series Bella baseboard heats with a single tubular, stainless steel sheathed element that is securely fastened at its center. This element is floating in nylon sleeves at each end, which eliminates expansion and contraction noises. The discrete air inlet lets air enter through the front of the unit and exit from the top. These stylish baseboard heaters are ideal for both commercial and residential applications including: kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, businesses, and offices. They can be easily floor mounted with wiring compartments at both ends of unit.

What is a low density heater?

Low-density, as opposed to high-density heaters maintain a lower cabinet pressure, allowing for less energy to be used while lasting longer.
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