Stelpro Patio Door Heater

The patio door heaters from Stelpro feature a small and stylish design that provides a constant flow of heat near patio doors and bay windows. They are even sturdy enough to be used as steps under doors. Save on a Stelpro patio door heater with HomElectrical's competitive prices.

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What is a patio door heater?

Stelpro manufactures three lines of patio door heaters: the ASPDHA series, the PDH series, and the SPDH series. With their traffic-resistant durability, these patio door heaters are designed to be installed in front of patio doors and bay windows. They are also well suited for installation in kitchens, living rooms, and solariums. These patio door heaters provide a constant flow of heat that creates a curtain of air that covers the entire door surface and prevents condensation or cold air from entering.

How much space can the patio door heater heat?

Depending on the wattage, the patio heaters can cover from a 60 square foot area with the 600 watt model to 151-350 square feet for the 2000 watt model.
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