SBB Series Compact Multipurpose Baseboard

The Stelpro SBB series provides optimal performance and safety combined with ease of installation. It is offered in three different watt densities to meet the needs of any project in the home or office. Find the right Stelpro SBB series compact multipurpose baseboard heater at HomElectrical.

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What do differences in gauge steel mean?

The gauges of steel refer to the thickness of the steel, with higher gauges measuring thicker and thus more sturdy. The higher the gauge steel cabinet in a baseboard heater, the more pressure in pounds the heater can take.

What are the safety features of the SBB Series baseboard heater?

The baseboard heaters are all fitted with smooth, rounded corners for added safety. The thermal protection features an automatic reset. The thermostat (not included) keeps your heater at a safe temperature. The boxed aluminum fins improve heat dissipation and are securely fastened at its center.
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