Stelpro Unit Heater

HomElectrical carries a full selection of high quality Stelpro unit heaters that are ideal for heating large garages, workshops, and warehouses. Our selection includes smaller economical unit heaters as well as larger commercial industrial unit heaters. Browse through our entire selection to find the unit heater that's right for your application today.
Stelpro Unit Heater

ASHU Series Industrial Unit Heater

For large volume heating in garages, warehouses, or construction, a sturdy Stelpro ASHU Series Industrial Unit Heater stands up for the difficult task.

FUHGX Series Agricultural Unit Heater

For a high-quality farm heater shop for Stelpro FUHGX Series Agricultural Unit Heaters featuring a corrosion-resistant finish and a durable housing ideal for use in farm buildings.

ARUH Series Commercial and Residential Unit Heater

Stelpro offers a compact heater that packs a punch with the ARUH Series Commercial and Residential Unit Heater, designed to provide a large amount of heat for garages, workshops, warehouses, or construction sites.

SWU Series Washdown Unit Heater

Use Stelpro’s selection of SWU series corrosion-resistant washdown unit heaters in industrial applications where the possibility of exposure to moisture and corrosion could exist.

X-Pro Series Explosion-Proof Unit Heaters

Designed to warm hazardous locations with a risk of fire or explosion, uncover Stelpro X-Pro series explosion-proof unit heaters.

What is a unit heater?

Stelpro designs and manufactures three types of unit heaters for a variety of large space heating applications like large garages, workshops, and warehouses.

What types of unit heaters are there?

They include economical unit heaters, agricultural unit heaters, and commercial industrial unit heaters. The economical unit heaters are available in sized up to 5kW at 240V and are ideal for heating garages, workshops, and construction workplaces. They produce large amounts of heat, are lightweight, and easy-to-install with a universal wall or ceiling mounting bracket. Agricultural unit heaters are ideal for farms, dairies, and animal shelters. These heaters are built in accordance with the highest standards regarding the installation of farm heaters. They are designed for high levels of safety and withstand corrosive and dusty environments.

How is a unit heater installed?

The commercial industrial unit heater is easy to install and built for heating large spaces like garages, warehouses, and commercial buildings. There are easy mounting options for any wall or space. It is offered in three different types of cabinets ranging from 2kW up to 60kW.
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