SWU Series Washdown Unit Heater

Stelpro offers the SWU series washdown corrosion resistant unit heater for industrial applications. Stelpro washdown heaters come in a variety of wattages, voltages, and phases. Find the washdown heater you need at HomElectrical.

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What is a washdown unit heater?

A Stelpro washdown unit heater offers fan-forced heat in industrial areas where the potential for exposure to moisture and corrosion occurs. This means each heater will not rust or oxidize in harsh industrial climates. Stelpro's SWU series washdown unit heaters function as totally enclosed and watertight wall or ceiling mounted fixtures.

Stelpro’s SWU series heaters offer a NEMA 4X rating. NEMA ratings determine where you can use an enclosed fixture and what conditions the fixture can withstand. A NEMA 4X rating indicates protection in harsh environments against corrosion, splashing water, hose-directed water, and windblown dust and rain.

What are the features of a Stelpro washdown unit heater?

Stelpro SWU series offers these shared features:

  • 120V, 208V, and 480V options
  • Fully enclosed motor
  • Powder coated aluminum fan blade
  • Adjustable stainless steel louvers that can be rotated 90 degrees
  • Terminal block for field wiring

Add-ons for the SWU series units include:

  • Three-Position Selector Switch - switches between three modes: heater, standby, and fan
  • Secondary Manual Reset - -for thermal protection
  • Pilot Light - indicates when the heating elements are completely on
  • Heaters with Built-In Thermostats

Stelpro also offers finned tubular elements, a washdown and corrosion resistant wall mounted thermostat, and a 120V control circuit.

Where do you use a washdown unit heater?

You do not want to use a washdown unit heater in a home or office. Instead, Stelpro washdown unit heaters work well in areas where they may see moisture or experience direct exposure to water, such as car washes, dairy or food processing plants, or waste-water treatment plants.

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