FUHGX Series Agricultural Unit Heater

The Stelpro FUHGX series has been designed and built in accordance to the highest standards regarding the installation of farm heaters. It features a satincoat steel cabinet with a high-quality epoxy powder paint finish that is 10 times more resistant to corrosion. See our selection of FUHGX series heaters for a high quality heater to keep your farm warm.

What is the FUHGX agricultural unit heater?

The Stelpro FUHGX Agricultural unit heater is the optimal choice for agriculture with it's specially designed to meet the needs of agricultural buildings such as henhouses, stables, barns, and dairies. With its satincoat finish, the unit heater is resistant to humidity and corrosion.

What are the safety features of the agricultural unit heater?

The motor is sealed and lubricated for life requiring little to no maintenance. The FUHGX has a low density element that assures heating power without over-heating. The FUHGX series offers thermal protection and a fan switch for fan use only for ultimate efficiency and safety for farm use.
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