Stelpro Radiant Heater

Stelpro radiant heaters come in a variety of sizes and voltages making them ideal for a number of applications. Stelpro radiant heaters operate quickly heating everything in its direction in less than half a second. Choose from HomElectrical's large assortment of Stelpro radiant heaters for all your space heating needs today.
Stelpro Radiant Heater

ASIRH Zenith Series Infrared Radiant Heater

The Stelpro ASIRH Zenith Series Infrared Radiant Heater mounts to the wall or ceiling and provides instant, directional heating with no noise and minimal heat loss.

SCR Radiance Series Cove Heater

Providing 15% greater energy performance than other radiant heaters, Stelpro SCR Radiance series cove heaters use radiant heat to warm the people and objects in a room.

What are radiant heaters?

Stelpro radiant heaters operate using heating elements that are capable of reaching extremely high temperatures. The heating element is usually packaged in a glass envelope that resembles a light bulb with a reflector to direct the energy output away from the body of the heater. The element emits infrared radiation that is absorbed by a surface.

What is different about this heat versus portable heaters?

This type of heating differs from others because it heats objects directly instead of heating the air in a specific location which makes it ideal for outdoor heating purposes. Stelpro radiant heaters are available in a 2000W, 4000W and 6000W models to heat a variety of spaces. These devices can be both wall or ceiling mounted with the proper brackets or even pole-mounted. Stelpro radiant heaters are compact, light, sturdy, easy to install, and offer instantaneous comfort.

Where can radiant heaters be used?

Radiant heaters can be used in any rugged environment that needs space heating.
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