ASIRH Zenith Series Infrared Radiant Heater

Instantly heat people and objects within an area with a Stelpro Zenith infrared radiant heater from HomElectrical. Zenith heaters use radiant heat technology so they warm people and objects directly without any air displacement or noise. The Zenith heater is an excellent choice for factories or large commercial spaces. Save on yours with HomElectrical.

What is the ASIRH series infrared radiant heater?

The ASIRH series Zenith infrared radiant heater, also called the Zenith heater or the SIRH series in the Canadian market, is a short wave infrared heater that heats people and objects instantly in a target area, without any noise or air displacement, and with very little heat loss. The Zenith is compact, light, sturdy and easy to install making it the ideal choice for factories or large commercial spaces. It features 14-gauge aluminum housing, stainless steel grill, and specialized embossed aluminum reflectors which optimize the radiant efficiency and reduce glare.

How does an infrared radiant heater operate?

The lamp of this heater is a quartz tube with a tungsten filament that produces short wave infrared heat, meaning that the heater uses radiant heat to warm objects and people instead of the air.

Where can an infrared radiant heater be installed?

The ASIRH heater can be wall or ceiling mounted with the mounting bracket included.
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