Stelpro Bathroom Fan Heater

HomElectrical carries a full selection of high-quality STELPRO bathroom fan heaters to ensure that your commercial or residential bathrooms are always at a comfortable temperature. STELPRO bathroom fan heaters are the ideal combination of efficiency and aesthetics. Find the right STELPRO bathroom fan heater for your application today.
Stelpro Bathroom Fan Heater

ASOA Series Bathroom Fan Heater

Heat a bathroom or small area with a high end Stelpro ASOA Series Bathroom Fan Heater featuring quality construction and modern design.

AUBH Bathroom Fan Heater

Upgrade your bathroom with a Stelpro AUBH Bathroom Fan Heater featuring a timer, towel bar, and built-in thermostat.

How does the Stelpro bathroom fan heater operate?

STELPRO bathroom fan heaters operate using fans to pass air over a heat source and then push it out after it has been heated. STELPRO designs two main types of bathroom fan heaters that both come in a variety of voltages, wattages, and colors to suit any application.

What are the different styles that the Stelpro bathroom fan heater comes in?

The STELPRO Silhouette style model and the European style model are both small, easy to use with two control knobs, and easy to install. These bathroom fan heaters offer quiet and efficient airflow as well as thermal protection with automatic reset. The Silhouette style features bottom air intake and front air discharge with the European style features back air intake and front air discharge.
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