ASOA Series Bathroom Fan Heater

Looking for a high end heater to heat your bathroom? Look no further! Stelpro offers the ASOA series bathroom heater to heat your bathroom or other small areas. Browse HomElectrical to find the ASOA model that best suits your home.

What is the Stelpro bathroom fan heater?

Stelpro ASOA bathroom fan heaters employ an internal fan to direct air through the heating element. The heater then distributes that warm air into the room.

Use ASOA series bathroom fan heaters to warm bathrooms and other small areas, like hallways or entranceways.

What features does the ASOA series Stelpro bathroom fan heater offer?

Stelpro ASOA offers recessed or surface mounted models with or without built-in electronic thermostats. Those without thermostats feature a power switch selector with two wattage options. Stelpro recommends wall thermostats for models without built-in thermostats.

The ASOA series also offers a heat boost option to increase the temperature quickly and an open window function to detect drastic drops in temperature.

They offer these additional features:

  • Top front air intake
  • Bottom front air discharge
  • Quiet centrifugal fan
  • Steel front with satin finish
  • Thermal protections with manual reset
  • High performance polymer cabinet and front edges
  • The ASOA1501PW model offers a 120V plug option

Are bathroom fan heaters the same as bathroom exhaust fans?

No. While a ventilation fan, bathroom exhaust fans, and bath fans typically ventilate, Stelpro bathroom fan heaters function primarily as a heat source. The bathroom fan heater circulates the air in the room, releasing it as warmer air.


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