Electric Heaters From Stelpro Heating

The leaves outside are beginning to change and with the coming of fall, we will begin to work to keep our homes and offices warm. Keeping a single room or entire building warm can be costly, so HomElectrical Electric Supply wanted to give you some effective heating methods that could help reduce your monthly heat and energy bills this season.

Stelpro Baseboard Heater

Stelpro Heaters

It is kind of a no-brainer that when someone talks about heating a room or building, the first option would be to buy a heater. At HomElectrical, we are proud to sell Stelpro products including their top-of-the-line room and building heaters. Below are a few types of Stelpro Heaters and a brief description about where they are best suited.

Stelpro Baseboard Heaters

Stelpro Spider

Stelpro Spider - One of the best products to heat your garage or workspace is the Stelpro Spider. The small, silent electric heater is made exclusively to mount on the ceiling and can heat a 240 square feet. Available in three colors: Red, Yellow, and Stainless Steel (for additional cost).

Stelpro Spider

Stelpro Baseboard Heaters

Stelpro Baseboard Heaters - A baseboard heater sits horizontally along the baseboard of a wall and heating elements are stored in special panels. These heaters are ideal for spot heating specific rooms or locations. Stelpro even offers some commercial baseboard heaters that are sloped so people do not mistake them as a bench or a counter.

Stelpro Baseboard Heater

Stelpro ARWF Heater

Stelpro ARWF Heater - The smallest instant-heat model from Stelpro, this heater utilizes fan-force to circulate the heat around the room. This heater can be installed in every room of your house including mud rooms and bathrooms. Can be ordered with an optional thermostat for up to 20% savings in utility bills.

Stelpro Heater

Stelpro Unit Heaters

Stelpro Unit Heaters - A unit heater is a heating device that is typically made to heat large rooms or buildings although smaller, residential models are available. They are usually placed high on a wall or ceiling and, with the use of fans, blow hot air downwards.

Stelpro Unit Heater

Take Control of Your Thermostat

According to an Stelpro thermostats can be automatically programed to be turned on and off during the day. An automatic thermostat schedule can significantly cut down on energy bills. The Department of Energy also suggests for residential settings to turn off the heater during the day when you are at work and at night right before you go to bed.


Other things to consider when choosing a new thermostat is the location in the room and building. In order to maximize performance and avoid unnecessary thermostat operation, you should always place a thermostat on an interior wall that is free from direct sunlight, doorways, drafts, windows, and skylights. These are the most typical reasons for a heater wasting energy when a room may already be comfortable. Furniture will also block natural air movement, so avoid placing furniture below or in front of your thermostat.

Windows and Doors

Another step you can take to properly heat your office, warehouse, or home is by taking extra steps to insulate the building. Most walls are lined with fiberglass or insulating foam, but caulking and weather stripping your windows can reduce air leakage, which can be an expensive problem.

Window Insulation

Another solution can be replacing your windows with newer, more energy efficient windows. Window technologies, including solar control coating and double panes, reduce heat loss during winter and help save monthly heating and energy bills. More information about energy efficient windows and new window technology can be found at the Department of Energy's website.

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Heaters come in a variety of options and sizes, so how do you find the right one for your space? Read our guide to learn the differences between each type of eater and the proper applications for each.

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