ASGH Series Spider Ceiling Fan Heater

The Stelpro ASGH series Spider ceiling fan heater is designed specifically for residential garages. It's unique housing and quiet helicoidal fan ensure long life and easy operation. Keep your garage or workplace heated with a Stelpro ASGH Spider series ceiling fan heater from HomElectrical.

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What is the ASGH series Spider ceiling fan heaters?

Known in the Canadian market as the SGH series, the Spider ceiling fan heater is ideal for garages, large workshops, and warehouses. These heaters combine optimum performance and instant heat with low noise levels. The nichrome element produces instant heat and thermal protection is provided with automatic reset. This durable heater is manufactured with a 22-gauge smooth steel housing and the motor is permanently lubricated and enclosed to ensure long use. A 5 year warranty is included for the element and a 1 year warranty is included for the other components.

How much space is this heater effective for?

This garage ceiling fan heater heats up to 400 square feet.

How is this heater installed?

The Spider ceiling fan heater can be ceiling surface mounted with a bracket 12 inches from adjacent walls and 8 feet from the floor.
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